Monday, October 3, 2016

iOS 10 jailbreak more hope

$ 1.5 million to iOS 10 jailbreak solution.

iOS 10 jailbreak reward
iOS 10 jailbreak reward

Zerodium, the privately control security firm that has upped the iOS 10 jailbreak bug bounty ante, and over matched Apple’s providing, by multiplication the number of cash that it'll provide to anyone presenting a remote jailbreak that works on iOS 10 platform (iOS 10.0.1 , 10.0.2 and iOS 10.1).
Zerodium are making a gift of $1.5 million for a functioning, original and remote jailbreak for Apple’s iOS ten platform, that not solely genuinely outlines simply however valuable exploiting that individual platform is, however additionally simply what quantity Zerodium really focuses on insecure vulnerabilities:

It had been declared that Apple had brought along a number of the foremost revered security researchers and hackers to start its bug bounty program that was declared at this year’s Black Hat Conference with monetary awards of up to $200,000. Zerodium yet again has its own agenda, and can eclipse Apple’s providing with Brobdingnagian monetary rewards of up to $1.5 million awarded to those serving up zero-day exploits. if you developer or hacker read this page for submitting your discoveries for Zerodium

iOS 10.0.x and iOS 10.1 jailbreak

Rather than having monetary rewards in situ for any sort of vulnerability or exploit, Zerodium as an organization chooses to specialise in exploit original and “previously unreported exploits” touching “major operating systems, software, and/or devices.” in step with the company’s own graphic outlining the platforms and devices applicable, Zerodium can offer to $100,000 f0r a remote jailbreak for Windows Phone, or up to $200,000 for a remote jailbreak/root on AN android device. As you would possibly expect but, the real rewards return from Apple’s iOS platform which is $1.5 million.

They pays premium rewards to security researchers to accumulate their original and antecedently unreported zero-day exploits touching major operating systems, software, and/or devices. whereas the bulk of existing bug bounty programs settle for nearly any reasonably vulnerabilities and PoCs however pay lower rewards, at ZERODIUM we tend to specialise in insecure vulnerabilities with absolutely functional exploits, and that we pay the best rewards on the market.
As an organization, Zerodium has type once it involves providing this sort of cash for info, vulnerabilities and exploits relating the iOS platform. Last year, the company offered a bounty of $1 million for AN iOS 9 jailbreak, a add of cash that was collected close to half dozen weeks once the bounty was declared. It looks that Apple providing its own bounty of up to $200,000 could have forced Zerodium into upping its own payouts to confirm that the information doesn’t go on to Apple.