Monday, December 12, 2016

iOS 10.2 released with new features

iOS 10.2 released

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iOS 10.2
iOS 10.2

What are the most interesting 12 new features of iOS 10.2 

1. Three new wall papers for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus 

iOS 10.2 wall papers
iOS 10.2 wall papers

2.  Lot of new Emoji s

iOS 10.2 new emojis
iOS 10.2 new emojis

iOS 10.2 all emojis
iOS 10.2 all emojis

3. SOS feature.

Currently this feature only available for India (under testing) . Pressing certain key combination of your iPhone ( click power button 5 times), you can contact local emergency service.

4. No video app, TV app for video play

If you in the country or region where TV app currently supported, After update to iOS 10.2, you will find new TV app and no video app. With this app you can connect all your media and you can play all your purchases from iTunes. 
IF you need, you can download video app again from iTunes.

5. Newly designed now playing splash screen for music app.

6. new shuffle and repeat buttons of music app.

7. Single sign On feature

iOS 10.2 single sign-on
iOS 10.2 single sign-on
This feature lets all the cable subscribers to login to their Channel using one login. Once you sign in using this feature, all the content of channel apps will be displayed on the TV app of iPhone or iPad.

8. Your last state will remember by Notification center.

Your last state now remember by iOS . with iOS 10.2 update both Today view and notification center will remember your last state. 

9. New option - Disable press and hold home button to speak.

Find new option,
Settings -> Accessibility -> Press and hold home button to speak

10. Siri splash screen.

Turn off Siri, Press and hold home button then you'll see new splash screen giving you information about Siri.

11. Auto save camera settings.

Your settings of camera, live photo and photo filter will preserve and carry on next time you launch the camera.

12. New full screen effects - celebration and love